where Yorkshire meets Tuscany

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    “Fantastic traditional pub set in stunning Yorkshire countryside”

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    “Two fires lit, you feel very well looked after”

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    “Got a taster of the house wine, before buying a glass”

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    “The menu was extensive, with something to suit all tastes”

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    “Guzzler was a new beer for me and was a pleasing beer to drink”



  • Sunday lunch

    Book early for our two or three course Sunday lunches from 12.00 - 3pm (£16.95 & £19.95)

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    Christmas menu now ready 






  • Our menu is slightly shorter, but it changes weekly and we have extra specials.  

    However, if there is anything you would like from the wesbite menu, please let us know as we are only too happy to oblige.

    Book early so not to be disappointed. 

    Christmas menus are now ready for your small or large group


  • Our Christmas menus are now ready!

    Please email us for your party booking for 2017 (for small or large groups)

    We are happy to create a menu for you and your guests

    Italian influenced menu is very popular!

    Walking parties:  park your car, choose your lunch, enjoy your walk and return to a cosy fire in the pub

    Well behaved dogs are welcome!



Caulkley’s Bank 
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A short walk of 2.5km/1.5 miles, with an impressive view. Start at the Church. Easy/moderate grade due to the ascent and descent. Surface is a track with a wide grassy path. Return either on the road or retrace your steps
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From the Church, walk uphill away from the village, following the fingerpost sign directing you along a rough track towards ‘Stonegrave 1 mile’
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On reaching the road cross over to the wide verge on the other side. This is a good spot from which to identify the features marked on the panorama above. Please take care to avoid traffic on the road.
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If short of time retrace your steps or carefully walk down the hill along the wide road verge, to get back to the village
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For a more leg-stretching route extend the walk on to the River Rye, to give you more time to take in the impressive views to the north and south and to enjoy a pleasant riverside stroll as you return to the village
River Rye 
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A longer walk of 6km/3.75 miles, with riverside scenery. Easy/moderate grade due to the ascent and descent. Surface is a track with a wide grassy path, then grass and field-edge paths as you return along the River Rye
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From point 3 continue along the top of the bank in an easterly direction towards ‘West Ness 11⁄4 miles’. Initially passing between overhanging trees the route soon opens out to become a wide grassy track. After approximately 300m you reach a trig point.
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The trig point is the highest point on the bank. Looking to the north the largest settlement you can see nestling at the foot of the hills is Kirkbymoorside. Carry on walking along the crest of the bank, losing height gradually as you do so. In the summer you are likely to hear the continual song of skylarks as they ascend over the adjacent fields
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Cross the stone track above Stamper’s Wood and follow the public bridleway, which is flanked on either side from this point by mature hedgerows
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After passing some farm buildings the bridleway sinks into a stone-bottomed hollow-way as it descends towards the lane near West Ness
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On meeting the tarmac lane continue straight ahead towards Kirkbymoorside (rather than turning left to Nunnington).
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After 250m the road bends sharply to the left then passes farm buildings, a disused Wesleyan Methodist chapel and a phone box. When you reach the bridge over the River Rye do not cross the bridge, instead turn left (to the west) on the public footpath to ‘Nunnington 11⁄4 miles’.
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This path follows the route of the river upstream back to Nunnington. At times it deviates from the river bank slightly but remains on the low-lying flat ground.
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Alders along the river have been coppiced to allow more light to reach its surface - this will enhance plant growth, increase invertebrate numbers and, consequently, the fish population should also rise. Look out for the tell-tale ring patterns on the water, as brown trout feed on flies. You’ll also pass the old mill with its nearby weir
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Follow the waymarks away from the river, so as to skirt around the perimeter of Nunnington Hall. Turn left at the road, then right at the crossroads, to arrive back at the Church.
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About Us
Our aim is to blend Yorkshire fare, using locally sourced produce with products from known farmers in Tuscany. We hope to achieve the feeling of “Yorkshire meets Tuscany" with appetising plates and dishes of the day using high quality seasonal produce in a genuine, rustic Italian style.
Wed to Sat | 12 -3 & 5.30 -11pm
Sun | 12-3 & 6-10.30pm
Mon & Tues | Closed
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  • Church Street | Nunnington | York | YO62 5US
  • +44 (0)1439 748271
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